Monday, January 9, 2012

Finished Bathroom Art

I can't even believe it's been over two months since I started this little art project in the bathroom. I had to look back into my archives to see when I first mentioned it and apparently I talked about starting this project on October 31st! Yikes, that's embarrassing. Well, here I am to show you the finished product and how I added a little color and fun to our teeny loo.

First off, my inspiration:

I have loved this Domino guest room ever since I first laid eyes on it. The aqua, red, black, and gold combo is gorgeous and the Ikat pillow that's not laying perfectly straight kills me, in a good way. I just love everything about this room, especially those framed butterfly prints.

So I did a little Googling and found out that those butterfly prints were available for free on the NYPL's website so I printed out four of them as 8x10's to use in our bathroom. Then when I went to buy frames for them from Target they only had three in black so I bought those and figured I'd go back for the other. But let me tell you, in those two months, I went back to Target three or four times and they were always sold out of the black frame I needed! They'd have the white and brown version but I didn't want to have to paint it so I just waited and then finally last week they had more black in stock so I could finish my incredibly drawn-out project.

Figuring out how to hang the frames so they'd line up perfectly took quite a bit of measuring and templating and pencil erasing but I finally got it:

And then it sat like this (with three of the frames filled but the last one staying in paper form) for two months:

And now it looks like this:

 View when you're, ahem, sitting...

I'm very happy with how they turned out and Dan even likes em too so it's a win-win! Next I'd love to swap out our bath mat with this West Elm version...

P.S. We didn't repaint the bathroom, it's the same Benjamin Moore Indian River as before. I've been trying to get better using white balance (and taking as many pictures as I can in the daylight) so the last set of photos is the most true-to-life color.
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