Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen Bling

No more dirty hands and finger prints on our cabinets again-- goodness gracious we have hardware! It's been a whole month and a week since our countertops were installed after which all kitchen progress pretty much came to a halt. It wasn't intentional, just things got busy (hello, Christmas) and our attention was drawn to other projects so hardware took the back burner. 

Now that the holidays are behind us we finally got our butts in gear and took heed to our contractor's suggestion to check out his personal stash of kitchen hardware (he used to solely do kitchen design so he has an entire shed full of knobs and pulls) which he would let us have for f-r-e-e. We checked it out last week and Friday night we were rocking and rolling with brand new beautiful hardware that cost us nothing. Cue the hallelujah chorus. Hardware is unbelievably expensive sometimes and even affordable stuff is around $3 a piece which would make dressing our cabinets cost about $100. But thankfully, it wound up costing us nothing. 

We used this template to drill the holes for all of our knobs (after deciding on a "straight across the top" placement) which made things super easy. Drilling for the pulls, however, was much harder and involved measuring tape and our own makeshift cardboard template which took longer but still got the job done.

(Still need to frame out that window)

Now the reason these cabinets are not finished is that we have a little something-something planned for this wall. (Note: The upper cabinets behind the tins actually have the same knobs as the rest of the kitchen) Since the cabinets on this wall are completely separate from the rest of the kitchen we plan to use "catches" on the four of them to make the space feel a little more like a pantry of sorts. 

This Martha Stewart Matchbox Catch will give the room a bit of a vintage feel which we love as well as add another layer of interest to the room. Unfortunately they're not available in stores (Home Depot) so we have to order them online. Once they come in though the hardware will officially be completed! That means for an entire kitchen's worth of hardware, it will end up costing us less than $35. Woot.

Now for a few close-ups of what we have going on in here:

We brought up our vintage radio from the basement so I could listen to some tunes while cooking and just put my snow jars right on top.

I opened the window above the sink and took this shot from outside so you could get more of a head-on view of the new hardware (just ignore the faucet in the foreground). We couldn't love it more than if we had picked it out ourselves and paid our own hard-earned money. Just one more of life's little blessings.
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