Monday, January 23, 2012

Pretty TP

Last week I picked up this little gem at a thrift store for 75¢ because I loved its colors mixed with the shiny gold and almost instantly I realized it was the perfect size for a roll of toilet paper. I don't know how this inspiration hits me, it's a gift I guess.

See how it shimmers in the photo above? Lovely. Upon further inspection I saw that stamped on the bottom it said Made in England which just adds to the charm. I also think it ties in nicely with the butterflies, no?

So for 75¢ and a good cleaning we now have a pretty way to keep our TP discretely out in the open. Much better than those cardboard ones in my opinion.

On a side note, as I was moving things around in the bathroom to take these shots I realized that some extra shelving could be very useful for everyday bathroom-y things like q-tips and tissues. I think that this wall would be perfect for a few floating shelves that can be both practical and pretty. I'll be sure to add that to The List. I just pulled this shot from my computer to show you what wall I'm talking about and man haven't we come a long way!

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