Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Nothings

I love small space living. I love the creativity and organization it demands and how they force people to only keep the things they love for lack of storage for any other frivolity. This is nothing new to the blog of course since I've mentioned small spaces here, here, here, and here and have been blown away by people's creativity and ingenuity to make small spaces not only functional but beautiful.

Here is one more example. Mike and Maddie's Upper West Side apartment. Coming in at under 500 square feet this is a prime example of making a small space so lovely.

I think the consistency of the color scheme is what makes this single floor apartment feel unified. It is obvious that the main color is that beautiful aqua but then it is punctuated by red and yellow in almost every room and kept fresh with lots of white. For an even closer look, head on over to Apartment Therapy and check it out for yourself.
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