Friday, January 6, 2012

Tackling the Basement

Living in this house for over five months, laying new floors, and redoing a kitchen, all led to the demise of our half-finished basement but this month I took action. Things had gotten pretty out of control down there so I made it a point to start the new year out right and reclaim the space! We hope to one day turn it into a proper family room with a big comfy couch, room for games, and maybe even a ping pong table for the boys but for now we're kinda in phase one: make it functional!

Of course every proper makeover must start with the awful Befores:

After a couple of hours, I happily stopped at this point:

The open door is a full bathroom and our old TV console is now storing all our seasonal decor 

Of course Christmas gets its own room, or rather a doorless closet.

The Pampers boxes hold almost all our books (when we eventually get around to the built-ins in the living room they will finally find a home there) and that freestanding wardrobe holds a lot of my wrapping supplies and boxes.

The bookshelf got relocated and now holds a lot of my crafty things/decor/fabric/picture frames and I love that it's mostly consolidated into one place. The door to the right is a utility room where our electrical box is and I took advantage of the space and put a lot of our tools/paint supplies/wood floor scraps in there.

Nothing glamorous but functional and out of the way!

Another look at my shelf

And our new view when we walk down:

You can see here that the right side of our basement is finished but the left is not but rather is home to our laundry and another utility/storage room. Now the basement is by no means "done" so I can't really say these are the "afters" but compared to where we started out it's great to be able to find everything once again and have it look half-way decent! And shouldn't that be our goal? Hah, just kidding... We'll get there one day. Have a great weekend everyone!
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