Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Caulking a Tub

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the day with someone you love. What did I do? I caulked our tub. But that was all done and over with before 6:30 after which we headed out for sushi, went home and made Nutella-strawberry crepes and watched The Notebook. So it was a good night :) We actually watch The Notebook every year since we got engaged on V-Day in 2005 when we watched the movie for the first time. So it's kinda a tradition. What did you do?

Now back to the real issue at hand: after seven months of living with gross half-gone caulk surrounding our tub I finally did something about it. Of course you need to see how things looked before:

Yeah pretty bad. Almost all the caulk was already gone leaving our tiles exposed to all that water that would have eventually popped them right off the wall. The other caulk that was still hanging on easily came off with a little persuasion from my putty knife. Yesterday morning after my shower I made sure to wipe down the tub as best I could so it would have all day to fully dry. Then when I got home I was able to work right away on a nice dry surface.

Next came a little of this magic in a tube:

And things were looking much brighter:

Now believe me, the grout holding the tiles in place and sealing the top is far from perfect and I would love to overhaul this entire bathroom. But that's obviously not in the cards for us right now so a quick sprucing up was just what we needed to make everything feel fresher and cleaner.

The base of the tub also got a little brighter and after scraping out the old caulk...

...I taped off the area I wanted sealed...

...and voila!

Ahh much better. It does take 24-48 hours to fully set before we can shower so in the meantime we're gonna be using our shower in the basement which Dan broke in for the first time last night. It's crazy to me that there's parts of our house we never use but I'm happy to say we're taking full advantage of that second shower now. It'll also come in handy when we gut this bathroom in the hopefully not too distant future.
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