Monday, February 13, 2012

Kitchen Hardware: Done!

Finally after more weeks and months than I'd like to admit since our cabinets have been up, we finally have all our kitchen hardware installed. If you don't remember, all the hardware we have was given to us by our contractor from his own personal collection so the only money we spent on hardware was in ordering these 4 "catches" from Home Depot, about $35 total.

The rest of the kitchen has knobs on the cabinets and pulls on the drawers.

But for the fridge wall we wanted to do something a little different and treat this area as our pantry, if you will. All of our food is in cabinets on the right and cabinets on the left hold tupperware/jars/bowls/etc... We chose these catches because we liked the vintage look and feel.

To be truthful, these do not "catch" like we had hoped they would. They basically do nothing in terms of locking in any way, rather you can just pull on the little handle without even turning and the cabinet opens with ease. You do, however, have to close the cabinet door on the left before the right so that they close properly. Oh well. I had hoped the bottom cabinets would be a little more kid-proof (ONE day) but hey, at least they look good! Now it is safe to say that the cabinets are fully dressed and we can move onto other projects (trim, window, door, curtains...).
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