Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making My Dressing Room Mine

Nothing personalizes a space better than artwork and that's exactly where I'm at with this house. Most of our rooms are done in terms of the larger projects and I'm itching to get some art hung and really make this house ours. After recently hanging some art in the bathroom, I moved on to my dressing room.

If you don't remember, I've been drooling over this Etsy print for months and months after mentioning it in my original dressing room mood board and finally it is mine thanks to my sister, my mom, and my birthday.

After finding a perfectly unwrapped Ribba frame at a thrift store I was saved the 45 minute drive to our closest Ikea and instead got my print hung right away.

I then added another smaller Ribba frame holding a vintage Barbie greeting card and a gilded H from Hobby Lobby to create this sweet little grouping that makes the small nook feel more like a room. My room.

The pink Ikat boxes were also a birthday gift from my mom and they fit in seamlessly. I already have tons of storage with the dresser so the boxes are still empty but I'm sure I'll be able to fill them soon enough. You'll also notice I hung a curtain rod and curtains but those are still a work in progress. I need to get nickel curtain clips instead of the black (leftover from the living room curtains) and finish hemming the curtains but I love how cozy the room feels with them already.

P.S. I updated the Tour page to reflect these changes.
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