Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our House: Spring

The amazzing weather this weekend drew me outside and I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of our house in its first Spring (since we've owned it).

One of the really fun parts about moving into our house in the late summer is that we don't really know what kind of plant life we have going on. Take these bushes by our front porch for example:

I'm not positive what they are but I do know there are three of them and they're sprouting the cutest little white buds! I'm thinking maybe azaleas? In front of them is a little bush with pink buds surrounded by some sort of ground cover-- hostas? I guess I'll know in just a few more weeks.

Our pink dogwood is also in full bloom and I can't tell you how happy those lovely little pink flowers make me. I'll definitely be sad once all the spring flowers are gone but we do have the hydrangeas in the back to tide me over during the summer. 
Are all your plants in bloom?
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