Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All The Trimmings

Hey guys, welcome back from the weekend. Hope you all had splendid mother's days. My husband and I were in the Poconos all weekend, came back Sunday afternoon for mothers day, and didn't hit the pillow til about 1 AM (so needless to say I needed yesterday to recover). But now I'm back with even more updates to the homefront, specifically finishing the trim around our floors that we installed way back when (November to be precise..yikes). But that's not all-- I also added trim around our living room and dining room walkways for a little bit of polish.

The living room doorway before, while I was planning my photo wall.

I actually started the trim last Thursday with the help of my brother and had finished installation that night but the next step I was dreading: caulking all the seams and finishing it off with some glossy white paint. It was one of those tasks that I needed to just tackle head on and finish as soon as possible or else it would never get done (kinda like the trim itself...). So now I'm proud to say I finished almost all of it last night and it is no longer hanging over my head (literally). (I don't know why I'm using so many parentheses in this post)

Now onto the photos. The doorways post trim, pre caulk:

(Still waiting on that dang closet door...)

Possibly my favorite part: the trim around the stairs and kitchen cabinet.

 Kitchen door left hand trim finally back up (just barely fitting in that space next to the countertops!) and the trim around the cabinet.

And now here are a few from last night all pretty and painted. The inside of the doorway is also painted white and seems to make the opening even wider- double score.

Yeah, you see that shoe molding at the base of the doorway? It's a point of contention right now since both Dan and I were stumped as to what to put there. Normally when the trim goes around the door there is no moulding there on the inside. But since we installed the new floors there was an obvious gap that needed to be hidden. We may wind up popping the shoe molding off and putting the wider base molding in its place. I'll let you know how things go...

Oh and for bonus points my brother came up with a great idea to finish off our "trimmed to size/rough-edged" vent in the hallway. A little shoe molding and caulk goes a long way.

Let me just tell you how good it feels to have that molding down finally after six shameful months of naked walls. Now it is done (mostly) and we can finally move on to bigger and better things- woot!

P.S. My dining room mini makeover was featured on the DIY Showoff! Click here to read all about it.
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