Thursday, May 17, 2012


The little corner of our kitchen to the right of the fridge got a little love recently by way of two $7 gallon jars from Walmart. Right now they're sitting pretty holding rice and apples but when the apples are gone I'm probably gonna switch things out to whatever strikes my fancy.

I'm always down for some sweet open storage and it just helps that these guys are pretty cute too. Oh and I'm not sure why my ceiling looks exceptionally blue in this photo because it's much greener/more muted in real life (Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments). Truthfully people don't even notice it sometimes but rather think it's just the shadow of the ceiling! I for one love my white walls and blue ceiling. I also love my round chalkboard that was I believe 99¢ at Michael's. Whenever a lyric or a quote hits me I jot it down real quick and then get to enjoy it every time I walk into the kitchen.
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