Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rug on Rug Action

Hey guys, hope you all (here in the US) had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! We had a hot one, with temperatures in the 90's which is unseasonably hot for May but I can't complain when the sun's shining and I get to cross a few things of my home to-do list. Something that has been on my list for a while now was to add a little texture and interest to our bedroom. I had been looking for a neutral rug to layer on top of our carpet but everything I wanted was either too expensive or out of stock, go figure. 

When browsing CL one evening I saw this rug that was perfectly neutral although not exactly what I was looking for. After only paying 20 bucks for it though I brought it home and now I'm digging it. The subtle stripes add just enough interest and actually look great with my new throw (the West Elm Favorite Throw, a birthday gift from my sister in law).

Oh and if you noticed, the curtains hanging on the window are only placeholders right now while I figure out what to put there permanently. I love the softness white curtains bring while still letting in as much light as possible (which I love in the mornings!) so I need to hang a new rod and find some inexpensive white panels. The ones hanging there were actually left on our living/dining room windows when we moved in and are much too short. The room's getting there though and it's slowly becoming the retreat I had always hoped it to be.
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