Monday, June 18, 2012

Beefing Up the Built-Ins

Hey guys, I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day weekend and were able to spend it with some special men in your life. While Sunday was spent with my Dad and our family, Friday and Saturday were spent at home making some major progress with the built-ins.

Friday night we headed to Home Depot to pick up the supplies we needed: wood for the sides, top, and trim as well as screws and braces (L brackets).

Then came lots and lots of measuring, remeasuring, and cutting. The first pieces to go on were these long sections that attach onto the wall side of each bookcase. I didn't like the look of the bookcases pushed all the way to the side wall so we decided to make "dummy" panels for each side to bring them out a little. Five braces on each side and we're good to go.

Then we had to build the boxes for the tops of each bookcase to beef them up and make them reach the ceiling. Each box has three sides with five screws each.

Now all together:

I had to take the baseboard moldings off to push the bookcases all the way back so this is the classic "during" phase:

Although the sides are attached, the top is not. It still needed the face trim so we pulled them back down to attach the trim. Before that happened though I couldn't wait to do the most fun part: painting the back a nice rich navy blue (December Eve by Behr). To refresh your memory, this is the same blue paint I picked up in the Oops section back in October and attempted to paint our bathroom with. Although it didn't work out there, it worked perfectly here and best of all it was free.

To mark where I needed to paint I simply traced the opening with the bookcase against the wall and then pulled it forward leaving my pencil marks as a guide.

A little trick I used to keep things neat was to cover our cable outlet cover in a plastic bag and tucked it around the bottom. It worked like a charm.

Oh man I love it. Navy blue is probably my favorite color (both in home decor and my wardrobe) so I'm excited to finally use it in our home. I'm surprised it never made its way in before but now the room is starting to feel more "me" and that makes me very happy.

After painting we attached the trim pieces to each box:

(Before we screwed it in...the gap is now gone)

Then I broke out the wood filler and filled in all the gaps and cracks:

Now things are looking more like this:

The boxes still need to be attached but I'm going to prime them off first (as suggested by my smart husband) then attach them and paint the whole thing. There is still a ton more to do but we're getting there!

P.S. I organized my Pinterest boards a bit and now have a dedicated Built-Ins Board if you're interested in getting some inspiration of your own!
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