Thursday, June 7, 2012

Federal Mirror

Last month when I went to visit my dear friend in Maryland we hopped over the border to Delaware to do a little antiquing which is where I stumbled upon this guy:

It was an awesome huge federal style mirror for 30 bucks. However the cheap, albeit practical, part of me decided since I didn't have an exact spot for it and the price seemed a little high, I passed. Then I came back home and kind of kicked myself for being so dumb and even had plans to go revisit the mirror the next time I visited my friend.

Now a month later I get a call from said friend who wanted to let me know there was a smaller version available at the same antique store for only $14 and asked if that was a good price. To which I replied... heck yes!! So while her mom was out to visit she lovingly picked it up for me and I was able to swing by her parent's house yesterday after work and get it. Thanks again Lyd!

Less than 5 minutes after I got home I had it on the wall.

The end of our hallway seemed like a great place for it, and it was. But I wanted it to be able to be enjoyed even more and by everyone who walks through our front door so I swapped it out with one of the larger Ribba frames on my gallery wall.

The frame (with a magazine tear out, perfect for my love of games) was moved to the far wall...

And my new mirror took its place. Gah! I love it.

Now please allow my crappy Photoshop skills to portray what this wall will look like after we trim out the pass-through to the kitchen and finish up that last piece of base trim. (To the immediate right of the gallery wall is the stairs to the basement which still needs a door, hence the unfinished trim)

I've never felt so American.
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