Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Faux Mantles

So I want a mantle, really bad. Just imagining all the seasonal decor I could display makes me downright giddy. It's no secret I love Christmas and to have a mantle for stockings would be a dream come true. Not to mention gourds in the fall, vases of fresh flowers in the spring, and the list goes on. Problem is, we don't have a fireplace. But should that stop me from having a mantle? I've been going back and forth since we moved in about faux mantles- would it look weird? Would it make sense if the wall behind it clearly could not have a fireplace?

When indecision strikes, I know where to turn: Pinterest.

Chalkboard paint would be fun to mix things up.

A mirror in the back gives the illusion of depth.

Then while browsing CL I came across this beauty, taken from a home in Jersey that was demolished. It was love at first click but unfortunately it is way too big for our space. 

Looking at it's rather simple design got me thinking and scheming with Dan to maybe just build one out of wood and trim. Seems easy enough, no? Bottom line: I still want a faux mantle. It's on The List.

P.S. Do you ever look back through all the images you've pinned? I look at my boards every now and then and I have to say I love them! Using Pinterest has really helped me narrow down the styles I'm drawn to over and over. Check them all out here- I bet you'll like them too! All photos via my Pinterest.
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