Thursday, July 26, 2012

Future Home Goals

I've never actually made a list of the things we wanted to accomplish with this house. The most important jobs were the most obvious and we tackled those one right after the other. Now that the biggest projects are out of the way (although none of them are 100% finished- such is life) it was nice to sit down and type out a list of the smaller tasks we'd like to focus on in the upcoming year. (To see what we accomplished in the first year click here)

To-Do {hopefully before July 2013} :

  • Finish living room built-ins: install trim, add "stuff" and style
  • Install recessed lighting in the living room
  • Build a new coffee table
  • Buy a new mattress (hopefully soon!) and possibly do a reupholstered boxspring
  • Install two new windows upstairs (oh how I hoped this would be done already)
  • Add a linen closet to the end of the hallway
  • Hang curtains and blinds in the guest room/office
  • Buy an area rug for the guest room 
  • Paint office desk or find a new one
  • Spruce up the kitchen curtains (trim/stencil?)
  • Truly organize the kitchen cabinets
  • Buy/build a faux mantle
  • Throw a Christmas party!
  • Figure out a bedroom lighting solution
  • Paint the ceiling in the bedroom/dressing room
  • Truly clean and organize the basement. Unpack remaining boxes, move seasonal decor and other non-essentials to the back storage room. Possibly paint the basement as well as the basement bathroom. Set up the basement as a family room.
  • Revamp the staircase
  • Add a picture ledge to the hallway with more sentimental photos
And now the Long-Term goals:
  • Gut and redo main bathroom
  • Sand down dining room table and wax the natural wood
  • Add true built-ins to the bedroom
  • Recessed lighting in the kitchen
  • Do something with the laundry room: paint cinder block walls, paint concrete floors, organize cleaning supplies/paint.

Now what's a post without photos? Here are some of my inspiration for these projects:

Coffee table idea

Upholster boxspring and add feet

Christmas! I'm feeling the modern woodland theme

Yeah, I hope our basement will one day look like this

Staircase inspiration

Ledge for wedding/family photos

*Here's to the next year and hopefully crossing these all off The List!*

All images via my Pinterest
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