Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Patriotic Entry

Since I don't have a mantle, I love that I can get my creative seasonal fix with our entryway dresser. I had a particularly fun time with this season since I've never really decorated for the 4th of July before and was able to mix and match and swap things around until I found something I liked and would make my country proud.

Let's just pretend my Spanish matador is an American soldier, shall we?

The idea of a paint chip banner is nothing new but it was easy and free (just like the paint chip art in our room) and I think it really ties everything else together. Aside from the flag, nothing here is overly "themey" but I love how they all work together. 

And speaking of themey decor, check out this house that's a couple streets down from us. They go all-out for every holiday and the 4th was no exception. This photo is total creeper status as I slowly rolled by with my Nikon out the window, but c'mon I couldn't resist! And this is only the front lawn...

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