Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrifty Kitchen Additions: Part 1

Hey there! I hope you all had great weekends and weren't completely rained out. One highlight of my weekend was watching Arctic Monkeys perform at the Opening Ceremony- any other fans out there? Most people I know have never even heard of them so when they got to perform at one of the biggest events ever (and killed it on stage) I felt so proud.

Moving on...anther highlight from my weekend was popping into Goodwill for some good old fashioned thrifting. While some days I go in to thrift stores looking for something specific, I rather enjoy going sometimes with no expectations at all and then leaving surprised/excited at my spoils. This trip was of the latter and I walked out with two new additions for our kitchen. First up is this cute little white dish that I knew would be great for next to the sink holding our dish and hand soap.

The little ridges on the bottom are not only adorable, but they will keep water from puddling underneath. I'm not exactly sure what this dish was made for but it says Corningware on the bottom- anyone have any idea? Now I'm not really a "green" product purchaser but I am an attractive-packaging purchaser so these two simple yet pretty bottles also made their way home with me. It doesn't hurt that they smell pretty great either.

 Another benefit of this dish? A place to put my ring when I'm getting my hands dirty.

Gotta love a three dollar simple thrift store solution like that. Plates are always a great thing to keep an eye out for because they can easily be scrubbed down and reused for all sorts of things. Everything looks better when grouped together on a pretty dish, plate, or tray.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another thrifty kitchen addition!
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