Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hallway Fixes

Remember when we had a friend come and install the coat closet door? Well that's not the only door he worked on. The second door was added in our hallway and leads down to the basement.

When we moved in this opening was set up for a bi-fold door which was never actually installed since we moved in but rather was hidden in a closet. We knew we wanted a "real" door anyways so we never re-installed it but rather looked down to the basement every time we walked by.

After the door was installed we had to scrape off all the excess spackle and bits of drywall left over from the bi-fold door frame, leaving this lovely view behind:

There were also gaps left behind when the frame was removed so those still need to be dealt with.

After scraping, painting (Behr's Perfect Taupe), and installing moldings, the area now looks like this:

The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in unfortunate locations but hey, what can ya do. Since the cats need access to the basement, we installed a cute little door just their size. Everyone thinks it's so adorable. We just think it was necessary to be able to keep the door closed but still give the cats access. And I guess it's pretty cute.

We still need to add some sort of trim around the whole door to bridge the slight gap between the door frame and the wall. That will happen in time but I'm just happy we don't have to look down those stairs anymore!
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