Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Built-Ins & Our Summer Living Room

Now I have to confess, the built-ins aren't 100% done. There is still more trim work and paint touch-ups to be completed but I just couldn't wait any longer. Since we decided to forego the bench building for now (you can read why here) they are pretty much done, minus a few details. So without further adieu, a little trip down memory lane...

 The bookcases in their original honey oak form...

...dentil molding and all.

Removing the decorative molding instantly made things more streamlined.

The backs were removed and everything got a nice heavy sanding.

Then came primer.

Then came the navy blue paint (Behr's December Eve). 
We also beefed things up on the sides and up top

All freshly painted in Benjamin Moore's White Dove.

And here she is all filled up, crown-molded, and ready for her close up:

You can see we just started the crown molding on the side walls but they will wrap around the entire room. 

Stones I've collected this summer from two beaches and a river.

With the addition of the smaller TV on the built-ins we no longer needed the big TV in this room anymore and relegated it down to the basement. Since we don't have cable anyways, we never used the thing. It'll make more sense downstairs when we make the basement into a hangout/family room.

 And just for good measure, the whole room again:

*If you want to see them today completely finished, check out this post!
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