Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Perfect Bookshelf Accessory

We're thisclose to being done with the built-ins and I cannot wait to check that one off our list! Spoiler alert: we decided to forego the bench seat...for now. With all the other projects that need to be done around here it seemed an unnecessary undertaking at this point in our renovation lives. I still love the idea but our living room arrangement isn't set in stone so I want to be absolutely sure it's the right decision before putting in all the time (mostly Dan's), money, and what's sure to be a hefty dose of frustration. Another option we've been throwing around is just a removable pre-made upholstered bench which would still get the job done and be infinitely easier. In any case we're moving forward with getting the built-ins themselves finished up with trim and crown molding which, let me tell you, there is a reason people hire professionals to install! That crown molding is tricky business what with the upside down 45ยบ backwards cuts and all. The good news? The shelves are fully stocked and they look amazing. I know I'm being a tease but I promise to show you as soon as we're done!

Now onto the subject at hand: what is the perfect bookshelf accessory? After running around our house like a mad woman picking up every potential bookshelf accessory and swapping things out for over an hour I finally settled on something that makes me grin from ear to ear. And one of those accessories is in every one of these photos:

It's natural, it's beachy, it's textural, and it's white...

Of course I'm talking about coral! How amazing does it look on each and every one of these shelves? Especially up against a dark background (like navy blue) it just looks so incredibly beautiful. I almost feel like leaving it up throughout every season, would that be weird? Stick with me friends, a few more cuts of trim and then the big reveal.

All images via Pinterest
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