Thursday, August 30, 2012

Updated House Tour: Hallway

This part of the house Tour is actually all new! I've shown you pics of our hallway here and there but it never made it onto the Tour, until now. Most recently we made some important changes like adding a basement door, framing out the pass-through to the kitchen, and hanging artwork.

Far door guest room, middle door bathroom

Basement door

This is the wall I want to add the photo ledge to (on the left). Either one row or maybe two, depending on the size of the ledges and the frames. The wall is slightly bigger than it appears in this photo so when we get around to installing the ledges you'll get a better shot. Dealing with the thermostat and the light switch should be fun.

The wall with the frame is where we want to add a linen closet. Directly behind the frame is the closet for the guest room and we can easily steal a foot of space without really infringing on the other closet. Figuring out how the linen closet door will open will also be important when laying out the ledge wall so this may take some time. I'm really looking forward to that project but since it's something I can't do myself and it involves maneuvering around ductwork, I'm not sure when exactly it will be completed.

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