Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Birch Bark Candles

Although Fall isn't technically until the 22nd I'm getting things started early with a little autumnal crafting fun. This was actually more than fun seeing as I'm slightly obsessed with not only how easy these were but how beautifully they turned out. We've all seen birch candles, right? The most popular versions are from Pottery Barn but range from $15-29 dollars and are only painted to look like birch:

That's a little more than I'd like to spend on something that will burn away and be gone forever. I knew I had to come up with a way to get the same look but for much much less. Enter these large toilet paper rolls from my job:

Laugh all you want but whenever I would change a roll I felt bad throwing them out because I knew there had to be a great DIY use for them that I just needed to discover! Since I've always loved birch candles I thought maybe I could buy some birch-looking craft paper and make something similar. Then we went to New Hampshire again a couple weeks ago and something tremendously better revealed itself:

Whole sleeves of birch from fallen limbs! After they die the insides atrophy and you're left with a beautiful hollow sleeve that is the perfect size for a candle. I also peeled some pieces from larger dead trees and hope to use them in some way also.

I had to trim my paper towel roll to get it to fit nice and snug and then it was as easy as sliding it right inside the birch.

And here's how they look now with a trio of flameless candles. I was sure not to use a real open flame because I didn't want to risk them catching on fire and I would be devastated if they were ruined!

I am just in love with the natural variations between them all and how the little cuts and peels simply add to the beauty.

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