Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Organizing The Kitchen Cabinets

Ever since "finishing" our kitchen last November/December we simply put things in the cabinets just to get them out of boxes without giving any real thought to organization or placement. Things have since been switched around from cabinet to cabinet but two main ones were still in need of a little attention, namely the pantry and cooking cabinets. 

We have almost all of our food in the one cabinet to the right of our fridge. We don't have a "pantry" per se but since we don't really keep more dry items than are needed for the week (two tops) we haven't really needed much more storage. Just better storage organization.

To deal with this cabinet I first needed to delve into the other-- our spice and cooking cabinet.

At first it doesn't seem so bad, actually pretty barren, but there was so much being hidden away that wasn't easily accessible so I hardly ever used them, ie: our spices. First, of course, I needed to get everything out. When the bottom section was clear I was able to take out the wire shelf that wasn't really helping in this cabinet and transfer it over to the pantry cabinet. To take it's place I bought a tiered stand so I could properly display all my spices and easily see at a glance what I needed. A few items got tossed and only the essentials stayed behind.

To corral all the little bags of cooking grains I stole the little basked from the pantry and brought it over to the cooking cabinet. I also took the pasta from the pantry cabinet and put it in the other. Now all my essential cooking grains are in one place.

After all the dust cleared the pantry was looking more like this
(with room to grow!):

And the cooking cabinet like this:

Ahh, so much better. Now cooking will be that much easier since everything I need is right at arms length and looking all spiffy and organized.

Psst... Check out our full cabinet tour here!
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