Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Ornaments

In addition to the ornaments we've had for years and the ornaments I picked up on sale last year after Christmas I wanted to add a few more homemade bulbs to tie in with this year's theme which I've affectionately deemed "Modern Rustic." I essentially couldn't decide between woodsy/natural and silver/gold so I threw them together in a rustic-sparkly-woodsy-modern kinda way. 

First up is a simple jute rope pair. I used two ornaments we've had for a while but never really used and simply hot-glued bands of jute rope. 

Next up I used dollar store craft balls and hot-glued strips of scrap linen-y material to make this set. I'll use a couple straight pins to hold some ribbon in place when I hang them on the tree. 

Thirdly I again raided the dollar store for some festive Holiday supplies and used some simple silver tinsel garland to fill a few glass bulbs.

I can't wait to see them shine on the tree

And last but certainly not least I used a couple pages from an old piano book (bonus points for being Christmas carols!) cut into strips and curled. 

These just might be my favorite

So there ya have it: four easy diy ornaments that cost probably less than 5 bucks total. 
Now to hang them on the ol' tannenbaum.
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