Monday, December 17, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Happy Monday everyone. It's time to officially share our Christmas tree of 2012! Although we got it back on the 2nd I never had any natural light to photograph it in until this weekend so without further adieu, our rustic modern woodland tree:

I like to wrap the entire trunk of the tree first with lights so it's properly lit from the inside.

Then came the rest of the lights...

Then ornaments! Ta-da!
We don't have a tree skirt so two oversized fur shams did the trick.

In lieu of a traditional tree topper, I decided to go with a few (free) tree branches for a rustic, almost bird's nest-like arrangement up at the top. You wouldn't believe how many people asked me if the tree grew that way so I guess it does look natural. In addition to our usual white and silver ornaments I decided red would be our accent color.

A new ceramic polar bear picked up this weekend at Sears of all places (I know!). 
It is from the Ty Pennington line and I just couldn't resist its West Elm-ish allure.

A sweet felt bird from Target lends a pop of red and the bell was one of our first ornaments received as newlyweds.

The wood rounds were free, cut from a log at my parent's house.

I love my fluffy santa as well as my twine ornaments.

At night:

No, the presents aren't staged. They were actually for Dan's family and are now all gone since we celebrated with them last weekend.

I just love how the tree makes the whole room so warm and cozy.

A big improvement over last year's I'd say...

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