Friday, January 25, 2013

A Dolphin Named Sterling

I started to paint the downstairs bathroom- woohoo! The ceiling got a quick coat of BM's White Dove to cover up the contractor beige it was previously sporting, both on the walls and ceiling. Before I could paint the walls though I of course had to decide on a color. I knew I wanted to do something in the gray family, possibly in the blue-gray line, and it definitely had to be light since the room has no window. It also had to look good with my new West Elm hand towels.

To keep this makeover within budget, I started thinking about what paints I already had on hand and quickly realized I had two perfectly good contenders:

Behr Sterling (given to me by a friend) and Behr Dolphin Fin (left over from our old apartment's bathroom). After testing a bit of each I realized I liked qualities in both and wondered what they'd look like together. So I did something crazy. I mixed equal parts Sterling in with my half-empty can of Dolphin Fin and voila: the perfect color! I decided to call it A Dolphin Named Sterling.

Happy Friday everyone!
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