Monday, January 7, 2013

Deals, Steals, and Gifts

Happy Monday everyone! We're back to the daily grind, ey, and the first full week back from the Holidays. It's gonna be a long one so let's get the week started right. Everyone loves a good deal right? Christmastime is really one of the best times of the year to snag a great deal on things you've had your eye on. And the truth is sometimes it works out better to just wait until after Christmas to get the best deal, rather than having the excitement of opening a present on the 25th. And that's just what we did this year.

So first up is my Deal: We've needed a vacuum for quite some time now. Our previous vacuum, a six year old Shark that has been giving us problems since year one, needed to be replaced in the worst way. Just this past year it would start to overheat and shut off if you tried to vacuum more than one room. We had to remove a filter a long time ago just to get it to suck and thus things never really got clean like they should have. Then most recently, the handle broke. It would literally come out from the base completely until Dan rigged a bolt to hold it in place. But of course over time that broke too and I would have to push and pull the thing by the cord. It. Was. Time.

I put a vacuum on my family's Christmas list this year and since they can be costly and we do a limit of $50 I gladly accepted the money and put it towards the vacuum. We also had two Macy's gift cards from Dan's work (one from Christmas last year he never spent and one from this he never spent it is beyond me...) with which to put towards a good quality vacuum. After doing a little price comparing and review searching we finally settled on the Electrolux Nimble- originally $429 on Closeout Sale for $199! 

A little Googling led me to finding an extra $10 off coupon, bringing our grand total to $189 with free shipping. We were sold. To top it off we ordered the thing Wednesday night and it arrived Friday afternoon- Macy's for the Win.

We were like kids on Christmas morning when that thing arrived. It was a cinch to put together and let me tell you it sucks! It was pretty disgusting actually to see how much dirt and hair our old vacuum left behind and now our carpets have never been cleaner. Even looking at them side by side in this picture tells it all-- the Shark can't even stand up straight anymore and the canister is about half the size. Sayonara Sharky!

Next up we have a couple Steals: Everyone knows I love a good thrifty steal (who doesn't) and I have a couple recent purchases to share with you. The first item actually hails from TJ Maxx and is a solid marble paper towel holder than cost me...wait...can ya guess..?

One dollar!! Even though I was out shopping for Christmas presents that day I literally could not not buy it so into my cart and onto my counter it went. Love it.

Next up we have a couple thrift store purchases. The white stoneware jar (that is the twin of my other stoneware jar) was $1.99.

I also picked up another twin, a second medium-sized scalloped piece of milk glass to add to my collection, for $3. Gotta love Goodwill.

Now, a few Gifts: Dan and I actually picked out and purchased our own big gifts this year (his, an iPad 2 and mine, to be revealed shortly...) but we still had fun picking out and giving each other little stocking stuffers. Boys are kinda boring to shop for (sorry babe) so Dan got a hot rod magazine, socks, candy, gum, and Poppycock, which has kind of become a tradition. Two of my favorites have to be my new collection of colored baker's twine...

 ...and my new West Elm hand towels that are going to be used in the basement bathroom. Things are definitely going to be a bit more modern down there compared to the rest of our house and I'm psyched to share with you our progress.

Of course out of all these gifts and purchases our favorite gift this year was definitely finding out that we're expecting a baby girl this Spring! If you missed that reveal post you can check it out here.

What did Santa bring you this year?
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