Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home Goals: 2013

Call it a resolution if you will but I'd like to call it a To-Do List, seems less intimidating don't ya think? If I had to make a resolution for 2013 it would be this: try to accomplish as much as I can inside the house while having as much fun as possible outside of it. It can be too easy to want to trap myself inside and be a slave to my to-do list but life goes on and missing out on time with friends and family is not worth that extra coat of paint. Are you with me? Yes there are lots (and lots) of things I'd like to complete before our little peanut makes her appearance but hey, we're just gonna take things one day at a time and do our best.

Last time I made one of these lists was back in July when we reached one year in the new house so let's see how we've done since then. Items in red have been completed:

  • Finish living room built-ins: install trim, add "stuff" and style
    • I'm gonna call this one mostly done since we still need to finish the trim
  • Install recessed lighting in the living room
  • Build a new coffee table
  • Buy a new mattress and possibly do a reupholstered boxspring
  • Install two new windows upstairs (oh how I hoped this would be done already)
    • This will be done! We had a contractor come in last week and we ordered our windows--!
  • Add a linen closet to the end of the hallway
  • Hang curtains and blinds in the guest room/office
    • We hung blinds! Photos to come...
  • Buy an area rug for the guest room 
  • Paint office desk or find a new one
  • Spruce up the kitchen curtains (trim/stencil?)
  • Truly organize the kitchen cabinets
    • Again, this is halfway done so I won't highlight "truly". Read about that here. Intense organization will happen before the wee one arrives.
  • Buy/build a faux mantle
  • Throw a Christmas party!
    • Woohoo! We had one, it was fun.
  • Figure out a bedroom lighting solution (I'm thinking wall sconces)
  • Paint the ceiling in the bedroom/dressing room (<~ future nursery! This will most certainly get done)
  • Truly clean and organize the basement. Unpack remaining boxes, move seasonal decor and other non-essentials to the back storage room. Possibly paint the basement as well as the basement bathroom. Set up the basement as a family room.
    • Major clean up and organization has occurred and we're on the road to turning it into a family room. Very exciting, can't wait to share more!
  • Revamp the staircase
  • Add a picture ledge to the hallway

The items that are still in black will clearly remain on the To-Do List. In addition, I'll add these:

  • Paint and decorate a nursery for baby girl!
  • Add more personal touches to our home, ie: photos/sentimental art/shadowboxes/etc.
  • Finish crown molding in the living room
  • Frame out that dang kitchen window
  • Organize living room console and make it more baby-friendly
  • Create an inspiring craft/wrapping area in the basement
  • Do a few tweaks in the kitchen and finally post a Before+After
  • Organize bedroom closet and dressers

And just for fun I'll repost our long-term goals:

  • Gut and redo main bathroom
  • Sand down dining room table and wax the natural wood
  • Add true built-ins to the bedroom
  • Recessed lighting in the kitchen + living room
  • Make the laundry room less basement-y: paint cinder block walls, paint concrete floors, organize cleaning supplies/paint
    • We actually moved the shelf of paint to the back storage area and painted the walls but it was kind of an epic fail. The color (Indian River that's in our bathroom) does not look good on cinderblocks.

So that's my giant brain dump of things I'd love to accomplish before 2014. Of course if nothing gets done and all we accomplish is the safe, healthy birth of our little girl I'll be okay with that too.

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