Thursday, January 10, 2013

In With The New

I'm back with the second phase of cleaning out our living room console. Why I put off doing this for so long is beyond me. This literally took an hour total including paint and now I'm so happy to have the thing cleared out and everything in it easily accessible. Like I mentioned last time all my crafting supplies, which were the majority of the clutter, got relocated to the basement in my future craft space. Unfortunately I will need to deal with that stuff again but for now, the living room is clutter-free and it feels good.

To refresh your memory here's the console I'm talking about (the same one we trash-picked right around this time last year):

All cleared out:

And painted:

And now:

I just used two baskets I already had on hand to put in the cabinets but in reality I will probably get something that fits the space better and is much softer. I plan to put toys on one side (as portrayed by the only baby toy I have right now) and diapers on the other.

The two drawers hold only decor-related items that are now easily to get to and easy to swap out whenever the mood strikes.

Top drawer:

Bottom drawer:

The bottom drawer already had this little handy organizer so a bunch of smaller breakable items are now neatly tucked away. The best part? I get to cross one thing off the ol' To-Do list. Woot. Now hopefully our little girl takes a long time to figure out how to open a big drawer...
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