Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organize Junk Drawers: Check!

Junk drawers. Everyone has them and they're usually the first places to become out-of-hand messy. They are the place to store things when you have no idea where else to put them or company's coming and you need to stash something quick. No matter what the case, it is basically inevitable that junk drawers will get over-stuffed and need to be purged every so often. After living in this house for over a year and a half, it was time. The two culprits in our house are the drawer in our kitchen and the drawer in our black parsons desk/entry table. 

I knew I needed better storage for both the drawers so I stopped in to the Dollar Tree to see if anything could be of use to me since our drawers are kind of shallow. It took me no time at all to realize that a standard utensil caddy was the perfect solution for corralling little items.



Basically the plan of attack here was to throw out as much as possible like old user manuals and restaurant menus. Family photos and Christmas cards got moved down to the basement (in my memory box) and I was kind of impressed at what little remained. Lots of room for more stuff.

Moving on to the black parsons desk that serves as our entry/console table between the living and dining rooms. This desk is shallow and not very deep and yet it seems to hold a whole lot of junk.


And just so you can see how much really fit into that tiny drawer:

The solution here was also to use a utensil caddy but this one was too wide for the shallow drawer so Dan Macgyver-ed one whole section off the back...

When it's turned around, no one's the wiser!


You can see here on the left I added even more storage of little items with these three plastic ramekins, also from the Dollar Tree. Now everything is where it should be and I'm not struggling to open and close the drawers or embarrassed for someone else to accidentally open them!

Ahh... much better.
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