Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Kitchen: Before & After

It's about time, right?! I know, I know. This February will be a year since we finished up our kitchen hardware, one of the final elements in declaring our kitchen "done." But thanks to an unfinished window, a pass-through that didn't get its granite ledge for months, and my own lack of motivation to finish up the little details, I could never officially say the renovation was complete. Seeing as 2013 is gonna be a big and busy year for us I finally kicked my butt into gear, finished up the window, the pass-through, and even painted the walls so now I can give you a true Before and After tour!

Let's go back, waaay back to the summer of 2011 when we first moved in. We knew right off the bat that the kitchen needed to be completely gutted and redone and I was excited to do so. It was cramped and dingy with tons of wasted space so it needed to be rearranged and re-worked in order to make it a kitchen we loved to be in.

In pictures you cannot fully understand how bad the cabinets were. They were old, painted, and sticky with tons of wasted space in the corners. I didn't even want to put food in them because they grossed me out. Plus, the faucet had been leaking for who knows how long and the cabinet under the sink was moldy so every time you were at the sink to wash dishes (since there was no dishwasher) you had to endure the musty smell of mildew. Yum.

In this shot you can get a sense of how tight the space was with the fridge in the most awkward position. If someone was at the sink or stove, it was nearly impossible for someone else to get to the fridge.

There's the pass-through in the corner that we decided to keep. 
The kitchen was just full of un-usable and wasted counter space thanks to all the awkward corners.

The other side of the kitchen was the biggest waste of space of all.

Since our house is a cape cod, the original floor plan is two bedrooms on the main floor, no dining room, and an eat-in kitchen, hence the wall of nothingness. But since the previous owners before us knocked down a wall in the living room, removing a bedroom and making a dining room, we didn't need the space in the kitchen for a table and chairs. What we needed was more cabinet and counter space!

The first order of business was to remove the sea of tile.
Then came demo (which we did ourselves), taking our kitchen from blank slate to insanity in one fell swoop.

We had to live like this for what seemed like an eternity.

We hired out for the actual installation of the cabinets as well as the addition of extra outlets above the counters and the moving of our gas line from one wall to the other. Then that glorious day came when our walls were all newly sheet-rocked and painted and the floors were laid. The heavens parted and the angels sang. It was starting to look like a room again and we were in the home stretch!

Doesn't the room look tiny when it's empty? And there's the pass-through again on the left.

Slowly but surely the cabinets were installed, our counter tops were in place (after they brought the wrong ones first), hardware was drilled, and appliances hooked up. Oh baby, it's a kitchen!

Like I said though, we lived with this limbo-state for waaay too long, again thanks to a faucet that needed replacing a few months ago, the window that needed to be trimmed and painted and the pass-through that also needed to be painted. After all those were done the itch took over to paint the room yet again so after painting over the blue ceiling white and going dark on the walls, here we are today:

And because everyone loves a good side-by-side here ya go, start to finish:

And in case you're interested, here are a few details and sources:

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray
Ceiling color: Benjamin Moore White Dove
  • Cabinets: white shaker style from Shrock
  • Countertops: Santa Cecilia Light granite
  • Floors: Praline Birch from Lumber Liquidators
  • Extra Deep Sink: Purchased with our cabinets from a distributor
  • Faucet: Moen Lindley, Home Depot
  • Stove + Dishwasher: Craigslist (GE)
  • Microwave: appliance outlet store (GE)
  • Refrigerator: previous owners (Frigidaire)
  • Ceiling Fixure: previous owners (we hope to add recessed lighting one day)
  • Pendant above Sink: Home Depot
  • Rug: West Elm
  • Stool: my mom
  • Plate Rack: Marshalls
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