Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Out With The Old

Christmas is slowly being removed from our house. Our tree was taken down last week, all the ornaments neatly packed away until next year and I even got rid of a bunch I hadn't used in a few years and gave myself a little extra room in my bins. I removed anything red or overtly Christmas-y but I still have up a few touches of the season.

On the chalkboard my Christmas carol got replaced by a quote for the new year:
"And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been."
I even attempted my first banner. I think it turned out alright.

My new polar bear ornament stayed around and got tucked in with the trees.
Because ya know, that makes sense, seeing how polar bears live in the forest...

My beloved ceramic pinecones from Crate and Barrel also made their appearance and I love keeping them around through the winter season. I am shocked and amazed that my pine clippings are still green.

Now the real reason for giving this console so much attention is that I'm chipping away at one item on my To-Do list: Make the living room console more baby-friendly. To do that I first needed to seriously tackle the clutter that was building up inside the cabinets and drawers:

Pretty much all of it is either leftovers from craft projects, craft supplies, or decor-type items. All of the crafting supplies will be moved down to the basement where I will eventually have a designated craft station. The drawers will then become the home for some of my more frequently used decor items so I can easily switch things out.

That leaves just the two side cabinets which, you guessed it, will become designated baby stuff storage. I'm thinking a bin for toys on one side and a bin for diaper supplies on the other for when I don't feel like going upstairs. To freshen things up I gave the insides of both cabinets a couple coats of white paint I had on hand that just happened to match the console almost perfectly (Behr's Antique White).

So that's it for Phase 1.
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