Monday, January 14, 2013

Outlet Covers: To Paint or Not To Paint

That is the question. My head is still swimming with the idea of painting one of our rooms a dark color but here's the problem: how do you deal with outlets/switches and their covers? I of course turned to Pinterest to find some answers and it seems that there are only three ways of going about it:

1. Do not paint the outlets or their covers. They are functional and necessary and since everyone has them just let them be. They will not disappear when painted so why fight it.

2. Paint only the outlet cover. This way if you ever repaint again or sell your home you don't need to paint our replace the outlets themselves. Simply change out the covers for new fresh white ones which cost very little.

3. Paint the outlet and the cover. This of course will help them become the least noticeable and almost undetectable in a photo. When moving or repainting, however, you will either need to paint the outlets back to white (which can lead to paint build-up in the holes) or replace them altogether.  

So tell me, do you paint your outlet covers to match your wall color? Do you just leave them alone? Personally I'm leaning towards the second option which seems to be the best of both worlds. What say you?
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