Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprise! I Painted the Kitchen

Happy Monday guys! As you can tell from the title I have an exciting little makeover for you: I painted our kitchen. And it's dark. And I couldn't love it more. Last week I hinted that I wanted to paint one room in our house a dark color and sort of on a whim I decided our kitchen was the room. I mean to tell you the truth, painting our kitchen wasn't even on my list of To-Do's for 2013, although I did say it needed a few tweaks, so when I got the idea in my head I just couldn't get it out. I knew it wouldn't take too long and would make a great big impact so after Dan gave me the green light, I dove right in.

As with all good Afters, you must first see the Before:

Don't get me wrong, I love our kitchen ever since we renovated it. I actually really liked the white walls and blue ceiling but it was just time for a change. Also this room gets the most light during the day, thanks to the two windows and the door to the backyard, so I knew a dark color would not dwarf the room.

First things first, I needed to paint the blue ceiling (BM's Quiet Moments) to white (BM's White Dove).

After two coats on the ceiling, the fun part began. This is definitely the darkest color I've ever used so I was just slightly apprehensive about the whole thing: what if I hate it? what if it makes the room feel tiny? what if I want to paint a light color over it next year?

But once I saw it on the walls, I knew it was the right decision. The color? Benjamin Moore's Gettysburg Gray. It is just slightly darker (and slightly greener) than BM's Rockport Gray and just slightly lighter than BM's Copley Gray which made it juuuuust right.

See for yourself:

These close up shots can only mean one thing: the window is finally framed and painted! 
Another thing to cross off the list- woot.

These three windows are the key to this color's success: all the natural light streaming in makes the color feel warm and cozy rather than dark and gloomy. The white cabinets also help a ton in keeping the room from feeling too heavy. Now my brass accents, like the pendant above the sink and the door knob, pop against the wall color whereas before with the white they were never able to shine like they do now.

Also as you can see I decided to leave the outlet covers white. After reading all your opinions on them (thanks for weighing in!) and getting four different view points, I decided leaving them as-is was the best way to go. If I ever start to think that they're sticking out too much I can always paint them. But after I finished painting the walls and put them all back up they didn't bother me as much as I thought they would so for now, they stay. What's funny is that none of the accessories in the room changed and yet the whole space feels so different. Ultimately, the best part of all is that the room finally feels finished (for now) after over a year since we renovated and that makes me very happy.
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