Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cleaning Out The Closet

With the approach of Springtime, the plague of the cleaning bug is usually not far behind. Throw in the upcoming arrival of a little human being and that Spring cleaning goes into full force! I've slowly been making my way around the house, cleaning out junk drawers, console tables, and our basement so it was time I moved on up to our bedroom closet.

While I had my dressing room, I only kept a few heavy winter coats and old prom/bridesmaid dresses in my half of the closet seeing as I had a whole room to myself. Now that the dressing room is becoming a baby room, I needed to move all my clothes into the main bedroom closet. Lucky for us, Dan's and my clothes fit just fine into said closet so things weren't too bad to begin with. Cleaning out the closet was simply a good time to re-evaluate what I wanted to keep and what I hadn't worn in quite some time. Obviously I can't wear two thirds of my wardrobe right now anyways so I took the opportunity to be realistic about what I would continue to wear after the baby's born.

As I've shown you before, we have another small closet in the dressing room (to the right in the photo below) and I needed to clean that area out as well. It had really become just a storage space for out of season clothes and other non-essentials and it needed to be dealt with.

It was only this clean after the floors were laid... it quickly filled up with stuff.

Now of course with any cleaning, things had to get bad before they could get better:

Banana box filled with bed sheets, laundry basket of clothes waiting to be folded and put away, mirror from the dressing room that may or may not get hung on the wall it's leaning against...

Having one of my little buddies with me made things more enjoyable

The clothes I decided not to keep got put into two piles, one to donate and one to try to sell. I've never sold clothes before but since some of them were actually kinda nice, I thought I might try my hand at it and see if I can get anything. The pile of dresses were kept, but they just needed to be moved to the back of the closet. Oh and the light in the closet? We had to take it down about a month after Hurricane Sandy when we noticed the fixture slowly filling with water. Apparently when some of our shingles blew off our roof the rain was slowly dripping through and into that fixture. Pretty dangerous. We had someone come and fix the missing shingles right away and took down the light fixture to empty the water. That was maybe the end of November? Yeah, we gotta get on that...

After clearing out my side and then doing a little thinning out of Dan's, I'm happy to report that I either donated or threw out two very large garbage bags worth of clothes and other items and now our main closet is all neat and organized. The dressing room is still not completely emptied of my things but we're getting there. (Sorry, but I'm gonna be a bad blogger today because I have no pretty After pictures to share as of now...just keeping it real)
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