Friday, February 15, 2013

Nursery: Beginnings + A Mood Board

Seeing as this baby will be arriving in just two and a half short months, it's high time we started on her room, no? I'd really like it to be finished about 3 weeks before she arrives just to be safe but we'll see how that goes...

The room we are going to use for the nursery was previously my dressing room and by that name alone you should be able to gather that this room is small. At 12' x 5 1/2' though, it will definitely be a workable space although the slanted roofline does complicate things just a bit. Ever since we found out we were expecting I've slowly been transitioning my things out and using the room to collect all the baby items we've been accumulating. The one thing I still needed to do was to take down the hanging bar that used to hold my clothes. Removing it was easy but it left quite a mark behind that needed to be scraped and spackled.

For now, that side of the room looks like this:

And the other side, like this:

The back closet area off to the left is an awkward angled space so I'm hoping to add some long shelves for out of season storage as well as a small hanging bar for dresses and coats. Something like this:

We have two light fixtures in the room: one overhead and one on the wall to your left as you enter the room. 

They will both need replacing so I went ahead and removed the vanity-esque one from the wall and spackled over it's odd shape. I'd love to put a nice pretty sconce in its place, maybe something similar to this in either brass (to match my campaign dresser) or black:

That wall will also hold three shelves that we will either build or buy, I'm still undecided.

These shelves will hold books, yes, but also other necessities we need in the room up and out of baby's reach. I'm thinkin baby gear on the top and books on the bottom two. The outlet on this wall is also the only outlet in the entire room so I have to be very choose-y about what gets to be on those shelves.

And finally, my inspiration piece for the room, this black and white Cherokee chevron baby blanket I picked up at Target around Christmastime before we knew what we were having. To tell you the truth I'm really not a chevron girl but for some reason I was drawn to its homemade feel and the graphic contrast of black and white. Plus I feel this is a true chevron versus a lot of other patterns that really are just a zig-zag but try to pawn themselves off as chevron. I'm onto you...

And now for a visual of my plan for the room:

The black angled lines are there to imitate the roofline of the room. The crib (Jenny Lind in white) will actually be against the right wall right under the sloping roofline while the campaign dresser will be on the window wall like it appears. I chose to go with Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak for the walls (instead of Baby Fawn) and even bought a sample. Once the spackle is dry and sanded (ugh...) I can start painting!

The rug in the photo is from West Elm and although I do love it, I think I am going to try my hand at getting a custom-sized rug bound that will fit our long and narrow room much better than any standard 5x8 could. The ottoman I already own as well as the dresser to which I'll simply add a changing pad to the top instead of bringing in a separate changing table.

I've heard such mixed reviews about the shell rocker but I've decided to press on and get it. Only once I've truly "tried it out" when the baby's here will I know if it will work for us or not so I'm gonna go ahead and keep it in my plans. The ceiling fixture is just an idea (a nice linen version from Lowes) so we'll see where I end up with that. The air balloon mobile would be a splurge so I may try my hand at DIYing one or finding a cheaper alternative. And finally, a simple bamboo blind on the window will finish things off nicely. I'm still debating curtains or no curtains.

So there ya go, a little glimpse into my vision for baby girl's nursery. Some color will come in through accessories but I really am loving this clean and serene neutral palate. Keeping things neutral will also be great for possible future offspring as well as help the room feel as big and bright as possible. Luckily the window in that room lets in loads of light, which I guess could also be a bad thing during nap time...
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