Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Basement Family Room

This basement has come a long way my friends. From junk room to painting space and now finally family room, it's taken us over a year and a half to make this space into what we wanted it to be all along. With the recent addition of my craft nook, the basement now feels quite finished, although it really isn't (and probably never will be, right?). All the major elements have taken place however so from here on out it will be only be a matter of small tweaks rather than big projects.

When you first open the basement door you're greeted by my cheeky little warning to "duck" that I painted a couple weeks ago.

Then, as you saw yesterday, the first area you hit when you come downstairs is my new craft nook.

Now here's the wide angle version of the space. I really truly love the black wall and think it adds so much coziness to the otherwise beige box. The black paint grounds that area and along with the bookshelf makes it feel like its own room.

Now for the other side of the room, and our piece de resistance: the giant vintage American flag.

My sister and brother-in-law picked it up for Dan at a thrift store and it was originally intended to be used as a headliner for his 1950 Chevy truck. After realizing that this might be the #1 hotrodder sin (apparently you DO NOT upholster with American flags), it remained folded up in our basement awaiting its fate. Now it proudly hangs on our wall and I couldn't love it more.

The wingback chair is down here purely because it has no where else to go. Its twin lives upstairs in our dining room and I always imagined having both of them as head chairs but unfortunately the space just doesn't allow it. So here it lies. The same goes for the hope chest too. I have no where else to put it and don't want to get rid of it so it's down here. Maybe it'll eventually become a toy box?

And just for fun, here's a couple shots of our recently refreshed basement bathroom:

And in true Keeping It Real fashion, here's a shot of the closet area to the right of the flag and behind our bathroom door.

Yeah, I still need to deal with that. I have plans for all the wrapping paper and boxes but everything else has me stumped. Perhaps I'll hang a curtain and forget it even exists? Yes, that sounds about right...

And to think, this same space looked like this not too long ago:

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