Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bedroom Switch-up

Hey guys, I'm back. Busy busy week last week so that means the blog went kinda quiet. There's a whole lot going on lately and I'm trying to find time to work on the ol' homefront as much as I can, and consequently, share what we've been up to but unfortunately for you most of the work has been pretty boring. In the nursery I had to spackle a whole lot of bumps and bruises, wait for it to dry, and then sand everything down smooth. That kinda work takes time but doesn't exactly make for good blog content. I did however buy a gallon of Pale Oak so that room should be painted soon! Fingers crossed...

Some other changes that have been going on have been in our bedroom. See when the soon-to-be nursery was my dressing room I used the campaign dresser to hold my clothes. Now that baby girl will be taking it over, I needed somewhere else to put my things. All of my hanging clothes fit in the closet but everything else needed a dresser to go into.

Now if you remember back with me, we used to have two dressers in the bedroom of our old apartment that I bought off Craigslist and refinished. When we moved into our house, we didn't need both dressers so the taller guy was relegated down into the basement junk room (before it became our basement family room).

So last week we brought it upstairs and moved it into the bedroom, necessitating the relocation of our wingback chair and side table to the basement and closet, respectively.

Everything fit perfectly and now I get to keep my girly things like my pink glass collection, jewelry, and framed wedding invite on top of my dresser instead of on Dan's. The room actually feels nice and balanced now and everything has a place of its own.

Another bonus of freeing up a little floor space? We were able to make room for this guy...

...and will be putting him to use in just 9 short weeks. Crazy town.

Oh and one more reason we've been so busy-- it was my birthday on Sunday! The weekend was filled with festivities and we had a great time with family and friends receiving gifts and eating delicious food, like this four layer cake my brother made (and trust me it tasted just as good as it looks):

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