Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nursery: Curtains

Curtains are up! Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I picked these Cynthia Rowley curtains up at HomeGoods for only $20. The curtain panels were so wide however that I was able to cut one of them in half to make these curtains, leaving me the whole other curtain panel left over which I hope to turn into a crib skirt. 

I still need to do a little adjusting to the curtain on the right because as you can see it seems too long on the bottom right. I assure you, it's all the same length, it's just sitting on the curtain rod kinda funny.

To make the curtains, I simply cut them in half and used iron-on hem tape (Heat n Bond) to make crisp even edges. I also hemmed the top of them with the same hem tape to make a pocket for the rod to slide into. I planned to use curtain clips but the curtains were hanging too far from the rod and I wasn't liking the look. Dan actually came up with the pocket idea and it worked out great.

The curtain on the left juuust barely clears the air vent and I made sure to slide the dresser all the way back against the wall to kind of hold the curtain in place. And yes, we're still waiting on our window sill.... One more thing crossed off the list though!

  • Hang clothing rods in closet
  • Buy plastic bins for closet storage
  • Make and install crawl-space door
  • Buy and install baskets/bins on closet wall
  • Build/buy three shelves for storage/book wall
  • Make curtains and hang curtain rod
  • Make mobile
  • Possibly make crib skirt?
  • Hang art + accessorize
  • Bring in crib, rocker, changing pad (all coming after my shower)
  • Bring in baby!
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