Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Organized Car

I've always been one to keep my car clean. I never leave anything in it that doesn't belong and like to keep it wiped down and vacuumed as best I can because I spend a good amount of time driving here and there so it may as well be enjoyable. My nesting instinct to clean everything has not subsided and most recently I organized my car's trunk a bit to accommodate the stroller that will soon be stored in it so I decided I might give you guys a tour. 

As a little background, I drive a '98 Subaru Forester that is completely paid off (we bought it cash four years ago) and I love it. The trunk is very spacious and the back seats fold down which has come in handy many many times for Craigslist purchases and roadside finds. This car was the Sport edition back in its day so it comes standard with all wheel drive and heated seat warmers, and to top it all off we bought it with a remote start already installed which is absolutely priceless in the winter. Not having a car payment is also something I (and our budget) thoroughly enjoy and I hope to drive this trusty little wagon for as long as I can.

Starting with the trunk, I used a dollar store collapsible bin to organize an extra blanket and my new shopping cart cover. Next to the bin are two more blankets, a fleece version and one that Dan got at work that folds up and zips itself into a portable bag. These blankets aren't precious so they can come in handy for all different messy situations.

Two of my reusable Ikea bags get stored in one of the trunk's side compartments and the other houses a first aid kit ("borrowed" from Dan's Toyota).

You can't see it but I also store our ice scraper behind the blankets and I'm very thankful I can put it away for the season! To keep things looking nice and neat, the whole trunk gets covered by this roller shade and everything is concealed when the trunk door is closed.

Moving on to the back seat, the newest change is the addition of baby girl's car seat which is actually not strapped in just yet. We were simply storing it in the car so we could get it out of the house but pretty soon we'll need to set it up for actual use!

Next to the car seat is this little Thirty-One tote that my friend gave me and I plan to keep in the car to hold extra diapers and wipes as well as a the dollar store poop bags I bought recently and a few toys and books to keep the little one entertained without having to store and carry it all in my diaper bag.

In the back pocket of each seat is an umbrella, so one for me and one for someone else.

Moving up into my center console I have a few essentials close at hand like my phone charger, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, pen, and wheel lock key.

In my dashboard I have this handy little compartment where I store my registration and insurance cards for easy access. In one of my vents I always keep an air freshener (I prefer these to the dangly rearview mirror ones that are always way too strong) and my favorite is the Refresh brand in vanilla.

In my driver's side door compartment I keep my remote start manuals, although truthfully I've never looked at them a day in my life.

Above my rearview mirror I keep an extra pair of sunglasses in the sunglass compartment just in case I lose the pair in my purse or accidentally leave them in the house. And last but not least I like to keep my glove box as simple as possible so the only things in there are a plastic bag full of napkins, a packet of tissues, a plastic cup filled with spoons for snacks on the go, and lastly my phone adaptor for playing music through my car's radio.

So there ya have it, my organized little wagon all ready for trips to the pediatrician and the park. 
And maybe a few garage sales :)
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