Friday, April 12, 2013

No Cabinet Left Behind

No cabinet in this house is safe from my incessant need to purge and organize everything and one more fell victim last night. Our kitchen cabinet closest to the sink got a mini makeover last night and it's just one more off the list. Before, this cabinet held all of our cleaning supplies.

Since our oversized, extra deep kitchen sink will also serve as baby girl's bath very soon I wanted a place to put her bath mat, shampoo, and a few bath toys in close proximity. Truthfully it was high time the cabinet got cleared out because we rarely used half the stuff anyways. The first thing to leave the cabinet was our dishwasher pods. The box was small, but getting rid of it meant one less thing in the cabinet. The easiest solution was to move the pods to the two small white containers I already had above the dishwasher on my plate rack.

Now I just need to remind Dan that they're in there!

After those were moved I organized the top shelf of the cabinet to hold all the bathing necessities, like her lady bug bath sponge, a bin full of J&J shampoos and lotion and a cute little set of bath squirtees.

Then I grabbed this black mesh bin (removed from the bathroom cabinet when it met its organizing match) and repurposed it for some of our monthly used cleaning products.

It then got slid to the back next to a giant bottle of Pine-Sol I use for our floors.

Then last but not least, the box of garbage bags and our almost daily used spray cleaners are front and center and easiest to access since they're used all the time.

All the random products that I use maybe once a year got relocated to the basement storage room and the Method stainless steel cleaner got the boot... anyone ever used it? I don't think it works very well at all and I have better luck cleaning my stainless with glass cleaner! To each their own I suppose.

Happy weekend everyone!
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