Friday, April 5, 2013

Nursery: Closet Door Complete

The door to the nursery crawl space is complete! What used to be an open cut-out closed off by a piece of cardboard held up by an air conditioner box is now a functional storage space with a door made from a scrap piece of plywood and a few slide latches. Nothing fancy but definitely functional.



This project definitely fulfilled my goal of closing off the crawl space with a removable door while making the whole thing disappear as best as possible. I went ahead and painted the latches the same color as the walls and door (BM's Pale Oak) so they are virtually undetectable.

I added a simple handle to the front for easier remov-ability although I really never plan to use the crawl space. After adding a little trim across the top to hide the slight gap between the door and the opening, I decided to put back the baseboard molding that I had to cut away to make room for the door. By attaching it right to the door itself it looks almost seamless with the other trim and again helps to make the door disappear.

Now here's the space with the curtain rods back up and two new plastic bins I picked up this week that will eventually hold even more out of season clothes/extra diapers/etc...

This shot shows you how much space there is between the curtain rod and the bins-- plenty of room for storage! I just may get some more bins if necessary.

I still want to hang some sort of baskets/wire bins on this wall but I'm not having much luck finding something that won't stick out into the space too much. I did have luck finding a cute little garbage can though. This one is by Simple Human and I picked it up at Bed Bath & Beyond, with a 20% off coupon of course. Head on over to to see more of their great products.

While the garbage can is pretty small, I plan to change it every day anyways so it works just fine. Plus I'm sure there will be plenty of diaper changing going on downstairs during the day so those will just go right into our regular trash can. So that's it for our crawl space door project. Two more things off the list!

  • Hang clothing rods in closet
  • Buy plastic bins for closet storage
  • Make and install crawl-space door
  • Buy and install baskets/bins on closet wall
  • Build/buy three shelves for storage/book wall
  • Make curtains and hang curtain rod
  • Make mobile
  • Possibly make crib skirt?
  • Hang art + accessorize
  • Bring in crib, rocker, changing pad (all coming after my shower)
  • Bring in baby!
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