Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nursery: Crib Skirt + Mobile

Well friends the nursery is finished and I'm so excited to give you the full reveal this week! But before I do that, I wanted to highlight a few of the projects that helped make the room feel complete.

The first project was to make a crib skirt out of my leftover curtain fabric and I must say it was even easier than I thought. I followed the YHL crib skirt tutorial to the T and it came out just the way I wanted. Since the fabric was a curtain panel, I only needed to hem two of my sides on each piece so I measured my lengths only 1" longer to allow for the hem. Since our crib is against the wall, I only made three panels (one for the front, one for the left, one for the right) and it only took me about an hour.

All three panels are simply held on by velcro so if it gets spit up on or covered in cat hair I can simply remove the panel and throw it in the wash. TIP: When using the velcro be sure to put the grippy side on the crib itself and the softer velcro on the skirt so it doesn't get ruined in the wash!

Now the skirt not only makes the crib look nice and finished but I can use the space underneath to store extra diapers and wipes, a necessity in our small nursery.

I only made my skirt one length since I used up all my velcro but when baby girl gets bigger and the mattress needs to be lowered I can simply attach new pieces of velcro at a lower level and it will look just as seamless and hit the floor at just the right length.

The second project I can now cross of my list is her mobile. I hemmed and hawed and Googled a lot when trying to decide what to do/buy/make for her mobile since the one I wanted was $75 which I simply could not justify. Then I had my baby shower and my sister in law made these adorable paper air balloons using a Silhouette machine and they were perfect! I went out and bought my own paper to fit with the nursery's color scheme and I think they turned out so cute, and not to mention cheap!

I decided to hang them above the changing table using simple tape and fishing line so they really look like they're just floating in the air. And here's her view when lying down:

I'm so excited to have these things crossed off the list and I'm anxious to cross that last item off so very soon!

  • Hang clothing rods in closet
  • Buy plastic bins for closet storage
  • Make and install crawl-space door
  • Buy and install baskets/bins on closet wall
  • Build/buy three shelves for storage/book wall
  • Make curtains and hang curtain rod
  • Make mobile
  • Possibly make crib skirt?
  • Hang art + accessorize
  • Bring in crib, rocker, changing pad (all coming after my shower)
  • Bring in baby!
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