Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nursery: Dollar Store Finds

As I mentioned last week, I've had a crush on the dollar store lately and have been so excited by all the awesome things I've found that can be used all over my home, not just for organizing sinks and cabinets. The latest room to benefit from my $1 scores has been the nursery.

1. Fabric drawer organizers. These things are awesome my friends. At most other stores these collapsible bins would run you anywhere from $6-12 bucks each but there's no reason to spend that much! When I first showed them to you they looked like this:

They come all folded up but they're a cinch to put together. I bought two and they are now all filled up with teeny little socks and hats and shoes and look like this in the nursery's dresser/changing table:

They were the perfect size to fit two side by side and they hold a ton of stuff! Now all those little items are nice and organized and easy to find.

3. Plastic drawer organizers. These things are just as awesome and easy to assemble and work perfectly holding all of baby girl's clothes in her drawers and help to keep things organized by month.

3. Plastic totes and bins. I know I've already expressed my love for dollar store bins but I'm saying it again: they have such a great selection! Since the nursery is very neutral, save for the orange ikat curtains, I was able to pull any color I wanted as an accent and this little aqua basket is perfect to keep in the closet to hold clothes as they are outgrown.

I also picked up these two big white bins that are perfect for holding swaddling blankets, burp cloths, and sleep sacks in one of the dresser drawers and even left enough room in between for a couple extra sheets. 

4. Non-slip shelf liner. Since we are using a dresser as a changing table, I needed a way to keep the changing pad from slipping off the top. Obviously I would never take my hand off the baby when changing her nor would I ever walk away but I still wanted a way to make the pad a little less slippery for when she gets older and wiggly.

This shelf liner worked like a charm and I simply cut off a piece the size I needed and laid it underneath. Now the pad stays in place while still being completely removable.

So there ya have it, four great finds from the dollar store that helped put the finishing touches on the nursery. And speaking of finishing touches I only have a few more items to check off the list and then it will be done-zo. Seeing as I'm 37 1/2 weeks (yikes) it's about time.

>> To watch the video tour of Evey's nursery check out my YouTube channel!
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