Monday, April 29, 2013

Our $3 Diaper Bag

Seeing as this is my last full week before my due date (May 5), this blog will be full of all thing's baby-related. If that's not your thing or you have no interest in baby-related topics, feel free to tune me out this week. As much as I'd love to be working on house projects and DIY decor, my mind is 100% in baby mode and the thought that I could go into labor at any second is literally all I can think about. So I'm just forewarning you...and if you're expecting or have babies of your own, enjoy!

When I registered for my baby supplies, one thing I purposefully left off my registry was a diaper bag. As practical as they may be, I just kind of dreaded the idea of toting around a big bulky wipeable bag with Winnie the Pooh all over it. And if you like Pooh bear, that's awesome, but I just wanted something a little more subtle that didn't scream "Watch out, I'm a mom on the go!" Yes babies need quite a bit of stuff but I wanted something that I could continue to use once she outgrows the diaper bag stage. On our most recent trip to one of our favorite thrift stores I found this guy and thought he'd be perfect for the job. This thrift store is more like a giant warehouse of insanity with teeny rows of junk packed to the brim so pretty much nothing has a pricetag on it and you kinda have to hold your breath when you get to the counter and hear what they want for it. Imagine my surprise though when I got to the counter and the lady said, "three bucks." Sold and sold!

When I got it home I soaked it right away in piping hot water with some laundry detergent and then ran it in the washer and let it air dry and it is good as new. If you can't tell right away, it is clearly meant to be a camera bag. It is nice thick canvas with leather piping and has this awesome section inside that is meant to hold camera lenses.

What makes it so perfect for a diaper bag is just that: it has all these convenient little compartments all around the bag that are so perfect for bibs and pacifiers and lotions and whatever else you need to have with you!

The bag is just the right size to hold a couple changes of clothes and a few blankets and burp cloths without me feeling like I'm bringing her entire room with me everywhere I go. I am really a minimalist when it comes to "stuff" so I kind of welcome the challenge of bringing only what I need and not a million "maybe she'll need this" things. You can see the lens compartment inside on the right and behind it our portable changing pad fit perfectly and holds diapers and wipes for convenient changing on the go.

I have the Skip Hop Pronto changing station

In the lens holder I stuffed a couple bottles and a few lotions and potions and everything is perfectly compartmentalized and easy to organize. And what's best of all is that it is 100% gender neutral so not only can I use it again with future kiddos, my husband doesn't have to be embarrassed to carry it around since it's not covered in rainbows and butterflies. Best three bucks I ever spent.
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