Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Projects In Progress

Hey guys! Sorry about the radio silence lately. Things have been pretty busy here lately what with family visits, Easter, and all the projects we've been frantically working on to finish before the baby comes. Here's a quick recap of the main projects that have been keeping me from the blog:

1. Finishing the crown molding in the living/dining room.

This has been on our To-Do list ever since we finished the "built-ins" back in August! We only crowned the bookshelves and never finished the rest of the room, but I vowed it would be done before May. Well, here we are four weeks away and the crown needed to be done! As you can see above, we are by no means experts at this process and there will be plenty of caulk and painting in my future...

2. Door for the nursery crawl space.

We've had this huge piece of plywood in our basement for months and decided to turn it into something functional for the nursery closet. Like I've mentioned before, the crawl space doesn't need to be completely accessible so this "door" will simply be held in place by a few slide latches so the space is completely sealed off but not entirely gone (more photos to come in case you're completely confused).

3. Ledges for the nursery. 

We loosely followed Ana White's tutorial for her $10 ledges and the main difference with ours is that I used a bit of shoe molding as the ledge's lip for a softer edge. 

These were fairly easy to build, once we had all the right supplies, and after a little gluing, clamping, and screwing, they're ready to be sanded and painted.

So that's it folks! Stay tuned to see the finished products :)
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