Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially sprung in our humble abode, thanks to a fantastic post-Easter daffodil sale ($2 each, can't beat that!) that helped kick my butt into gear. I'm sad to say that we still had a few wintery items lingering around but now they are all gone and I even managed a little Spring organization. Watch out. The first area to get into the spring of things was our entryway (notice the crown molding! aw yeah).

My garage sale birdie keeps watch over a ceramic Goodwill dish filled with stones collected this past summer. The $2 daffodils sit in Ikea planters from many moons ago. I purposely chose two plants of differing heights because I thought it'd add a little interest.

Moving on, our other entryway console of sorts (it's actually a Parsons desk from Walmart) got a little lovin. This desk is my arch nemesis when it comes to organization since it's where our mail lands as well as cell phones, keys, iPad, random books, etc... It quickly gets chaotic and every couple of months I need to seriously purge. I did clean out and organize the front drawer a few months ago (read about that here) and so far so good.

Half-off Easter jelly beans sit in thrifted dishes and my faux-tastic Ikea plant looks dapper in a woven basket from I have no idea where.

The green bin is from the Target dollar spot and holds a lot of mail. This is both good and bad. I'll keep you posted on how quickly this nice organized space stays as such.
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