Friday, May 24, 2013

Functional File Storage

Files. Everyone's got em and everyone hates to store em. Or maybe that's just me? Blame it on my incessant need to purge anything that doesn't have a purposeful function but I despise keeping papers around that don't serve an immediate need. And saving them for years? Just about kills me. But in truth those important papers do need to be kept and therefore need to be stored in a functional way. Before, we kept most of our files in this file box (from Target) in the office next to our computer desk. Basically it was as out of the way as possible so I didn't need to see it all the time.

Problem was, it was too out of the way and papers tended to pile up elsewhere because I was too lazy to bring them over to the file box and put them away properly. I needed a better solution. I needed something close to the entry of our house (where the papers come in) so I could quickly file them away instead of letting them pile up.

This desk sits in between our living and dining rooms, across from our front door. The green bin is where we put our mail/bills until they need tending to and also the location of the stashed papers that need to be filed. It just made sense to keep the files here so I went ahead and cleared out the few random items from one of the ottomans (a pair of pillow covers, our Just Moved announcements I never sent, and a hair clip...random I told ya).

Then it was just a matter of moving over the most important/most often accessed files from the box to the ottoman and leaving the long-term paperwork in the file box. Sidenote: Our very important paperwork like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc. are stored in a separate place altogether.

Obviously since file folders are square and I was putting them into a round ottoman I needed a way to keep them propped up so a few heavy hardcover books did just the trick.

Now those most often used files are right by the front door and hopefully I won't dread putting the papers away like I did before. Then when these files fill up I suppose we'll need to transfer them some place else. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it...
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