Monday, May 20, 2013

Living Room Updates

Hey hey hey, look who's blogging. First off, thank you so much for all the well wishes and congrats on our sweet little Evey girl (pronounced Eve-ee in case you're wondering). She is just the most amazing baby and we are so in love. These past couple weeks have been spent kissing and squeezing and staring at the wonderful little person we created and the time has been sweet. Challenging...sleepless...but sweet nonetheless. We are incredibly blessed that she has inherited my family's tendency to sleep through just about anything and she has been giving me four hour stretches at night which have been a lifesaver. During the day she naps a ton also so I've been able to grab a nap here and there which I most definitely appreciate.

Now all that being said, in these past couple weeks I've realized how much I miss blogging and hope to be able to post here and there as time allows for me to get things done around the house and then take photos and write a post. There's no guarantee things will be consistent but I will do my best. There are still tons of tasks I have floating around in my head and all the down time I've been having nursing the little one has lead to tons more Pinterest browsing than I've ever done before! So yeah, I got plans.

Since welcoming Evey our lives haven't been turned upside down as much as I anticipated but our living room has had a couple updates. Check it out- I hung some art!

I spend about 50% of my day in that sofa now so after looking at the blank space above the lamp for long enough I decided to finally hang a couple frames I had sitting around. The top frame is my thrifted ostrich print (relocated from the guest room/office) and the bottom frame is a Ribba filled with the mushrooms print that used to be in our kitchen. Yeah it's random but they were free and I like how they fill the space. 

Here's an updated look at the whole room:

The dolce chair got replaced by Evey's swing so it now sits under the window which works out just fine for us. I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of that ottoman and use it all the time now to prop my feet up while nursing.

This side of the room usually looks like this with her car seat by the door and a burp cloth/swaddling blanket draped over the sofa's arm. It's the newest trend in throw blankets I tell ya.

The console usually looks like this with a basket of diapers, a pack of wipes, her portable changing pad, and a little bin with a few changes of clothes just sitting on top ready for use. When you're changing diapers 10+ times a day there's no use in putting it all away every time. Since her nursery is upstairs I don't bother going up to her room to change her every time so the portable changing pad definitely comes in handy. Then when guests come over or I just want the room to feel put together everything fits nicely into the cabinet on the right. 

So that's life right now and doing something small like hanging two picture frames makes me feel accomplished. Here's hoping I can continue to tackle that To Do list!
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